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Well, what do you know~!


What on Earth happened...? If I think about it, I get a headache, but it feels just right to be here in his apartment. A dazed morning after, can't recall every detail yet, just his taste and the tone of his voice. But if I think of that too long, I get a hard on again. Teehee~

Oh, Shizu-chan~! I don't deserve you at all, but I don't think anyone has loved you as perfectly stupidly as I do~!

I can't stop grinning like an idiot and you're still asleep. I like the sight of your naked back. Wait a moment, no, I won't think of those things. But you're really too handsome~! Ohh, I want to bite you a little, but you'd probably punch me while half-asleep. You're so cute. <3

This is getting long and it will be more and more embarrassing to read later if I add more stupid romantic thoughts. But I'm happy. When have I ever been happy without worrying what would happen next? Never. Today is different and it feels so liberating. And Shizu-chan is all cutely snoring in bed. Did I mention I want to bite him? His ear. Not much, just a little, because I know he would make a cute noise.

Things like that cross my mind and I've had a few one night flings, short-term lovers already, but I never thought of entirely stupid, but happy things like that. So that's how I know what I feel. Otherwise I wouldn't know because people tell me I have no feelings. I wonder if Shizu-chan agrees. He used to. I should ask, but I'm a bit of a coward about this, too. I'd hate to ruin what we have.

In any case, I really should stop tapping away on the keys before I wake you. <3

To my baaten-san~ <3 You know who you are!

I heard this song and thought of you. Do you miss me~? I sure miss you. Is your boss keeping you busy lately? I can't wait to see you again soon~ <3

OOC: Post screened only to Shizuo.

Going home

Who: Izaya + Shizuo
Where: Streets of Ikebukuro
When: Late in the evening
What: Izayan heading home
Why: To work more, of course

Hopefully he won't get killedCollapse )



I work my internet and what do I find?
Apart from the awful weather they predicted for today.

...Kishida Kyoudan and the Akeboshi Rockets concert in TWO WEEKS!!!

Days, why do you pass so slowly?! I can't wait. I seriously can't wait~! Kishida Kyoudan concert! <3 Last time I saw them they rocked the roof off the place. I hope they get out a new album soon, but I'm being insatiable here, aren't I?


By the way, singer is adorable, no?

Workin~, workin~

This is my new little journal. Hello, world~~! <3

What a busy day! Ahhh, life couldn't be better. Today I worked a lot, went to Ikebukuro, and I even got to buy a new CD - I LOVE you, Cobra Starship!! - and a good book (Steven Spruill, what else?).

Oh, but I want to go to Switzerland so bad. Skiing! Who doesn't love skiing? I can't wait~! Next winter I might get to go finally. It would be lovely~! I wonder if I should take Namie-san with me but she doesn't seem like the travelling type. Anyone want to come skiing with me next winter~~~?


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